Penis Shapes and Sizes

Penis Shapes and Sizes

Penis shapes and sizes is often a controversial topic. Most people say that a bigger penis is the best. However, a significant number of people hold contrary opinions. It is not uncommon to hear people make fun of men with small penises. On the other hand, some women are scared of longer penises. However, the truth is that penises come in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, men do not have much control over the packages that they are endowed with.

Here are some of the most common types of penises in terms of their shapes and sizes as well as their significance in sex.

The Banana

As the name suggests, this penis adopts the shape of a banana with a slight curve on the upper side. It can also be compared to a pointer finger when signaling someone to come closer. The benefit of this kind of penis is that its curved shape enables it to constantly hit the upper vaginal wall. It is at this point where the G-spot is located. Hitting it constantly leads to greater satisfaction during sex. Despite this, most men with the banana penis feel insecure due to the curved nature of their package.

The Burrito

The Burrito is a gigantic penis. It often strikes fear among many women including college escorts in las vegas. It completely fills up even the widest hole. This enables it to generate endless stimulation and intense pressure as it moves back and forth. Men with this type of penis often feel proud about it. They brag about how masculine they are. One disadvantage of this pride is that it can make a man aggressive that he ends up hurting his partners instead of pleasing her.

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